Who are we?

The Homework Helpers are a group of students from Westborough High School who will provide aide to any middle-schooler that needs help. Previously, we provided help in person, but due to the current circumstances, everything will be done though Google Meet or Zoom.

What we do

  • Homework

    If a student needs the ocasional help with homework, we will be sure to be there to provide that!

  • Tutoring

    Soemtimes, a single session of help with homework isn't enough for students. Thus, we also provide 1:1 tutoring that will take place over the course of several weeks.

  • Online Help

    Whether it be due to clubs or sports, students might not be able to come in after-school the days that the Homework Helpers, will be there, for those situations, we also provide online homework help through video call.

Get Help

Fill out the form and we fill be sure to help you out in any way we can.